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Ross County Water Company
Phase VI thru IX Water Improvements (2002-present)

The Ross County Water Company (RCWC) provides rural water service to 13,000 customers in Ross County, Ohio. RCWC first contracted with RLM Engineering, Inc. to provide design services and environmental studies for their Phase VI project. Since that time, we have completed Phase VII and Phase VIII Improvements. We are also beginning the design for the Phase IX Improvements.

The Phase VI project consisted of the following components:

The project includes some unique characteristics, such as a 600 feet length directional bore of 20 inch HDPE piping of the Scioto River and a 400 feet directional bore of an Indian artifact area. Mitigation measures were also included for the construction of a water storage tank within an archaeological district (Great Seal State Park).

Phase VII and Phase VIII included many miles of 6 inch through 12 inch water main, storage tanks, etc. Phase VI, VII and VII were financed through USDA Rural Development. Other projects included other water main extensions and booster station design, water main relocation, and tank repainting.

The following table provides information of bid amount versus final cost. The Phase VI and VII project scopes were expanded after bidding to utilize all of the allocated or budgeted funding. Several miles of water mains and a storage tank was added providing service to additional customers.


Bid Cost

Final Cost

Phase VI


$ 5,900,000

Phase VII


$ 2,520,000

Phase VIII

$ 1,669,645

$ 1,595,282

Vinton County Phase IV Extension

$ 149,955

$ 137,685

Phase IX


$ 5,600,000 (Estimated)

Phase IX will be under construction in 2015. The project consists of approximately 70 miles of water main extensions with one booster station.

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