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Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements (1992)

While this project is an older project, several RLM Engineering, Inc personnel worked on this project. Richard Morin was project engineer with other personnel providing services including Ron Ratcliff, Ken DeLap II, and James M West.

The project consisted of the replacement of the existing wastewater treatment with a Sequential Batch Reactor treatment and conversion of existing structures for other uses. The 0.5 MGD facility was designed to handle peak flows up to 2.0 MGD or a 4 times peak factor.

The unique solution to high peak flow condition and the low amount of cost change resulted in a 1993 Honor Award by the Consulting Engineers of Indiana. The final project costs was only $400 greater than the bid costs of approximately $1,400,000.

While this project is too old to use for a contact reference, it provides information as to the capabilities and experience of the RLM Engineering, Inc. Staff.

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