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Welcome to RLM Engineering, Inc.

RLM Engineering, Inc. provides consulting engineering services for Water and Wastewater Projects for your community, district, or company.

RLM Engineering, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm incorporated in the State of Indiana in 2002. From the beginning, we have been been committed to “excelling in service." However, the years of experience that our project team possesses exceeds our competitors. The personnel have an extensive history in consulting engineering services. With long term consulting service to clients and experience with many projects, we have the expertise for cost effective solutions. As a part of our mission to excel in service, we’ve solved problems and leveraged best practices to deliver exceptional work on time and on budget. We help companies achieve their goals in the most effective and timely manner, to reduce costs and improve the quality of the product. RLM Engineering, Inc. currently provides consulting and design services within the States of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Richard L. Morin


Richard L. Morin


Richard Morin gained experience with environmental projects from 25 years of service in a consulting engineering firm prior to creating RLM Engineering, Inc. in 2002. As founder and President of RLM Engineering, Inc. Richard Morin has strived to provide quality service to all clients. He prepared many preliminary engineering reports and other studies, provided design for several water distribution systems, provided design of treatment facilities, conducted bidding services, administration of construction contracts, and oversaw inspection services. Other work also includes aquifer studies, production well design, and environmental reports.

Mike Meyer

Senior Consultant

Mike Meyer has over 40 years of experience with consulting engineering firms. He provided project management and design for numerous projects. Formerly, he managed the Environmental Department for a consulting engineering firm. With his recent retirement from this position, he desires to continue to provide consulting services. His experience and expertise in water preliminary engineering project design and management provides value to our clients.

Kenneth (Ken) L. DeLap II


Ken is available on a limited basis.

Ken has 35 years of various aspects of consulting engineering from field work, design, and construction services. He was the principal resident project representative for the recent City of Columbus 12 million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility construction.

Ken has provided engineering services to utilities in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. He provided design services for the recent North Vernon, Indiana Water Treatment Facility Improvements.

Ron Ratcliff

Design Engineer

Ron provided design for recent drainage projects in North Vernon. Among other projects, Mr. Ratcliff provided the majority of the design capability in the expansion of the Gallia County Ohio Rural Water Association’s water treatment plant in which capacity was increased from approximately 2 mgd to 4 mgd. Ron recently worked on both water treatment designs for the Scioto Water, Inc. Treatment Facilities.

Ron Ratcliff is a registered engineer and land surveyor and spent a part of his career as the Indiana Board of Public Works’ State Engineer. He retired as a consultant for a consulting engineering firm and has provided design services for RLM Engineering, Inc. on several projects. Possessing a background in the design of several environmental projects, Ron is an asset to use as a resource for your project.

Jim West

Design Engineer

Jim provides system layout analysis, design, permitting, and preparation of Contract Documents and Construction Specifications. Jim West is a registered professional engineer retired from another consulting engineering company in 2012 and immediately began working for RLM Engineering, Inc. He desires to continue working as long as there is a need and we have needed him. Jim is a registered engineer and has worked on the design of many water and wastewater projects. He has a strong knowledge for system hydraulics.

He has previously prepared plans and specifications for a large number of projects. His experience is a benefit to RLM Engineering, Inc. For RLM Engineering, Inc., he has conducted gravity sewer conceptual layouts, water distribution design, water and wastewater system relocation design, hydraulic modeling, cost estimating, and preparation of detail plans and specifications.

Jacob Fisher

Engineering Intern

Jacob became part of the RLM Engineering, Inc. team after graduation from Purdue University in 2019. Jacob graduated from the Chemistry Engineering program and has met the first step toward license toward a Professional Engineer by obtaining status as an Engineering Intern from the Indiana Board for Professional Engineers.

He is gathering experience alongside longtime Engineers at RLM Engineering, Inc. while conducting Resident Project Representative services, report writing, and GIS services.

Ashley Burchett

Engineering Representative

Ashley became part of the RLM Engineering, Inc. team in July of 2017. She graduated from Shawnee State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2015.

She conducts Resident Project Representative services for our projects in Ohio, as well as contributes to marketing communications for our firm.

Our Services

Design Phase

Detail drawings and specifications provide information to the Contractor for construction of the project. Clear, concise drawings are necessary in minimizing the amount of contingency funds used. When contingency funds are left, then the funds may be available to pay down the principal on loans or used to provide additional improvements. RLM Engineering, Inc. personnel are proud of the past projects and the minimal use of contingency funds. Left over funds have been used in many projects extending water mains and purchase of equipment.

Bidding Services

Services include the preparation of contract documents, reproduction of drawings, mailing of advertisements to prospective bidders and to suppliers, conducting a pre-bid conference, bid opening attendance, tabulation of bids, and providing a summary of the results to the Owner for selection. Utilizing proper forms is necessary when financed by the various agencies. Clarifying questions from plan holders and preparing addenda prior to bidding are a key part of obtaining the best bids for the project.

Financial Services

We can assist in reviewing funding alternatives for projects as well as provide assistance in applying for and obtaining those funds. We have experience with projects funded by various methods and various agencies, such as USDA Rural Development, Indiana Department of Commerce, State Revolving Loan Fund, and financing with Bonds.

Construction Services

Observations made during the construction provides an assurance that the project was installed in conformance to the detail plans and specifications. The observer’s role is crucial to obtaining the desired results of the project. Maintaining a high level of observation and record keeping should reduce potential headaches in construction.

Contract Administration

It is necessary to provide administration of the construction agreement. General oversight as to the conformance with the intent of the Contract Documents, review of pay request and other forms, issuing change orders, and review of submittals are the primary parts of Contract Administration. Preparing record drawings from construction observation information is a part of Contract Administration.

Environmental Reports

Environmental Reports are a necessary part of government-financed projects. Coordination with various environmental and historic agencies is a necessary part of these projects. Providing the information to the agencies with proper resources moves the environmental report along. Experience in dealing with various agencies aids in avoiding pitfalls in this process.

Special Studies

Special Studies may include the investigation of specific characteristics. These could include pumping test analysis, aquifer studies, hydraulic models, master plans, asset evaluations or any other special issues specific to your needs.

Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Engineering Reports

Proper planning is essential to the final project outcome. An investigation of the potential alternatives leads to the most beneficial, long range, cost-effective project. Knowledge of construction methods, equipment or process options, and regulatory requirements are key components to developing appropriate alternatives. Evaluation of the demographics, existing usage, historical and forecasted growth also is necessary to plan for reasonable capacities. All of these factors must be weighed in determining the recommended project.

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